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The new Swedish high-end fashion label Li Vess is the result of many years searching for the best possible fabric qualities and tailoring available in women’s wear. The Li Vess collection is designed to reflect ultimate luxury and security for the confident woman who wants to confirm her individual dress statement. The Li Vess brand is built on uncompromising quality requirements. We never take any shortcuts in our demand for only the best materials and tailoring craftsmanship. The resulting products are garments made to last and ensuring that you are always welldressed.

We have chosen to realize our Swedish design ideas in close collaboration with some of Italy’s leading tailors, using their long experience and tradition of the highest quality tailoring standards. Details, such as button holes, and underarm and seam stitching are all hand-sewn.

The fabrics used in the Li Vess collection are supplied exclusively by leading producers, and selected from their top qualities so that all our garments may be worn irrespective of the season.

The self-confidence and individualism represented in the Li Vess collection is not least reflected in the fashionable linings of our jackets and trousers. In our first collection, these were designed by the Drrt experimental street art design collaboration.